Day 6: Put your iPod on Shuffle; First 10 Songs

I will be the first to admit, I do not have the greatest taste in music. I lean heavily in the area of pop, which I know isn’t cool. But you know what? I don’t care. I love these songs, and you can be a hipster and make fun of me all you want.

1- Time and Tide– Basia
This song will always have a very soft spot in my heart. It was the curtain call song for the performances of Einstein and the Polar Bear when I was in college. I can honestly say that it is one of the best shows I have ever been involved in. Great cast, great script, great show. The greatest thing I took away from that show, however, was my husband. Jason and I played husband and wife in that show, and I developed the biggest crush on him during the run of the show. We started dating after the show closed, and here we are 17 years later. This song served as our first dance at our wedding reception, and I still feel very warm and fuzzy whenever it pops up on shuffle.

2- Monty Got a Raw Deal– R.E.M.
I don’t really have a specific memory tied to this song. I have a lot of R.E.M. in my iPod. A lot. Like, probably ever CD of theirs we have. I went to a concert a few years ago, mainly because Jason’s a pretty big fan, and fell. In. Love. Seriously, best concert I’ve ever seen. So sad that they broke up. I came too late to the party.

3- Tangled Up in Blue– Indigo Girls
I fell in love with Indigo Girls back with Closer to Fine. I like this live album because it reminds me of the two times I’ve seen them live. And gives me fond memories of some of the friends I had that shared my affinity for their music and would sometimes sing harmony with me when we listened to them in the car. You know who you are.

4- I Don’t Sleep I Dream– R.E.M.
See? It’s funny that this is the song that popped up from this album, because two songs on this disc were the inspiration for my derby name and number. Although this isn’t Crush With Eyeliner or *69, it’s still a pretty good song.

5- Ready for a Miracle– Leap of Faith Soundtrack
This song is one of two reasons I bought this soundtrack. I like the movie, but the music really sold it.

6- Minnie the Moocher– Cab Calloway
Hellz yeah! I love, love, love big band sounding music. I always thought this would be an awesome song to sing at a talent show or karaoke or something just to get the audience involved in the “hide-ee, hide-ee, hide-ee, hi!” scat section.

7- Come What May– Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Both soundtracks for this movie are amazing. I love me some Baz Luhrman, and this song is so romantic and sad.

8- Theme From Two Steps Onward– R.E.M.
Yup, more R.E.M.

9- Puttin on the Ritz– Taco
I wish I could hate this song. It’s so cheesy, so 80s sounding, such a bastardization of the original. And yet, there is something about it that I just love. It makes me want to strap on a pair of tap shoes and have at it.

10- Half a World Away – R.E.M.
This is from one of my favorite albums of theirs. I love Out of Time. And how can you not love a pop song that employs a harpsichord? Seriously.

I don’t really have any words of wisdom or insights on this one. Other than don’t be afraid to be who you are, even if it means liking crappy music. Sure, the hipsters may make fun of you, but so what? Their loss, I say. Love your life and do what makes you happy, whether it’s “cool” or not.