You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness

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As humans we are creatures of habit. Even though we profess to seek change, the truth is that very few are ever truly comfortable with it. The problem isn’t necessarily when we’re resistant to change. The problem is when we get so wrapped up in our own dysfunction that we can’t find our way.

Too often I have seen friends and loved ones get trapped in a prison of their own design. They find it’s easier to create drama and then play the victim then to take responsibility for their life and move forward. They get addicted to the attention (good, bad, or otherwise) that they receive when they make decisions that have a propensity to end badly or aren’t thought through all the way.

Sometimes everyday living is boring. But the drama of reality tv and movies and novels can hook people and make them think that if we aren’t living on the edge or having to overcome some huge hurdle we aren’t living effectively. The reality is that life isn’t about clinging to the brink and waiting for someone to save us. Life doesn’t always have to be the drama to be overcome. Most of our lives are lived in the quiet moments that no one else recognizes or cares about. But in order to appreciate those regular moments, we have to be comfortable with ourselves and trust that the Universe is giving us what we need, however ordinary and boring it may be.

A solid spirituality can help us realize that life doesn’t have to be all drama and stress and living each day as a testament to our own strength or weakness. We don’t have to create problems just to show that we can solve them. By trusting the Universe to give us what we need and showing us the opportunities for an amazing life, we don’t have to step out on the ledge and jump in the hopes that someone will be there to catch us. The Universe shows us that rather than falling from 40 stories up, we can trust that if we push the right button, the elevator will safely lower us to the ground and open its doors to something new.

For today, let go of the need to be in a state of emergency just to prove you’re alive. Live for the quiet moments and trust that when things are calm, it is not a sign of a misspent life. You deserve to live a life that is ordinary.

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