Tell me all your thoughts on God
‘Cause I would really like to meet her

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Do you have someone that you have admired, idolized, worshipped, and are scared to death to actually meet? I often think of that situation when I think about meeting God. Part of it is because when we admire someone from afar, it’s very easy to create our own idea of what that person is like. The challenge is that there is always the distinct possibility that they may not come anywhere close to your expectations.

That’s not to say that meeting your Higher Power or deity wouldn’t meet your expectations. On the contrary, they would probably exceed them on every level imaginable, but there’s the risk that what you thought you knew is completely different from how they really are.

I have examples of this in the human world. Most people know that I worship George Lucas. I kiddingly refer to him as my god; Star Wars is my canon. In reality, he was a major influence on my childhood and subsequently my grown-up years. There is a part of me that really, really would love to meet him some day. But there is another part of me that isn’t so sure. What if he’s a total dick? I mean, I don’t think that he would be, but if he was it would totally blow my image of him. I would be heartbroken.

I speak to this from experience. When I was a hapless teen, there was a particular band that I had an infatuation with. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent and the guilty. I adored them and their music, and my mom took me to their concerts any time they came within a tri-state area. When I was in my twenties, and their popularity was on the decline, my best friend and I went to one of their concerts and managed to finagle our way backstage. Dream come true!

Well, not quite. There were two main singers, one of whom I had had a major crush on since I was 12. We were able to meet both. One was completely charming, talkative, and humble. He was disarming with his genuine interest in speaking with us and was a complete gentleman.

The other guy? The one I adored from my preadolescence? Total douche canoe. Seriously. Arrogant, self-important prick. It bummed me out, because I really thought he was amazingly talented. Apparently, so did he. I was willing to chalk it up to just having a bad night and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Fast forward fifteen years. They are playing a concert at the local casino and my hubby takes me as a birthday gift. Again, following the show we wait for the meet and greet where they’ll sign autographs and take pictures. Once again, Mr. Nice Guy is super friendly and appreciative of our support.

The douche canoe? Still a dick. Acted like he could have cared less if he was there and was doing us a favor by showing up. Never mind that he wouldn’t have a career if we didn’t buy his records. Clearly, we owed him. Blech.

Now don’t get me wrong- I don’t think that god will be a dick. Although some traditions tend to paint the Creator as such, I personally don’t subscribe to that point of view. But I do think that whatever expectations we may have, what we experience will be something completely different. Partly because we can’t comprehend of this amazing Power of the Universe, partly because we don’t have the words adequate enough for the experience, and partly because we’re tainted by our earthly views of what a deity looks like. Whatever the reason, we should learn to let go of our expectations of what god is like. Because no matter what we imagine, it will different. Depending on what and how we imagine, we don’t want to run the risk of disappointment when facing the one who created everything.

Look at your own beliefs and expectations. In what ways would meeting your Higher Power be a good or bad experience, based on your preconceived notions of what god looks like? How can you let go of your beliefs and dogma and allow yourself to just be in the presence?